What do language educators need to know about assessment?

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Kristine Nugent  
Center for Applied Linguistics


Megan Montee  
Center for Applied Linguistics

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The purpose of this practice-oriented session is to provide an overview of key information that educators need to know in order to develop, administer, score, and report the results of language assessments. We will present this information via a framework for professional development that reflects both research about teacher knowledge as well as practical considerations. Examples from online and face-to-face professional development courses will be used to demonstrate key principles from the framework and to exemplify challenges in building professional knowledge about assessment. The session will be of interest to language educators interested in developing their own assessment skills as well as to teacher educators.


Understand key components of assessment knowledge needed for language educators

Discuss best practices for professional development in language assessment

Identify free resources for further information about language assessment

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This session focuses on what educators need to know in order to develop, implement and score effective classroom-based language assessments. Using examples from online and face-to-face courses, we will provide a framework for professional development in language assessment.


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