The Anatolian Trail: An Interactive Introduction to Proto-Indo-European

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Saturday, November 17, 2018: 10:00 AM  - 11:00 AM 
Ernest Morial Convention Center  
Room: Exhibit Halls B-C  

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Electronic Poster 

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Andrew Byrd  
University of Kentucky

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Brenna Byrd  
University of Kentucky
Phillip Barnett  
University of Kentucky

Content and Purpose:

Traditionally, to study Proto-Indo-European (PIE), one must have many years of experience with one (or multiple) ancient Indo-European (IE) languages, such as Latin and Ancient Greek. However, it is becoming increasingly rarer for students to ever achieve such a background, and therefore fewer and fewer students are even aware of the existence of the language. Thus, the idea of PIE must spread to the public in another way.

In this poster, the presenters will introduce the audience to a prototype of a free role-playing video game they are developing to introduce non-experts to the field of IE Studies.

The game focuses on two twins, Lucas and Gwen, who are working on an archaeological dig in Eastern Europe and who find themselves transported back in time to the age of the Indo-Europeans. The game is fully immersive, with all other characters in the game speaking PIE. Lucas and Gwen must learn how to survive, which entails that they themselves learn a bit of PIE.


Identify key issues in recruiting and teaching students Proto-Indo-European and other less-commonly-taught ancient languages

Identify how constructed languages can be used to teach reconstructed languages in a contextualized, proficiency-oriented approach

Identify the steps needed to develop an interactive video game for language learning purposes

Program Guide Description:

The presenters will describe the process they took in creating an interactive introduction to the study of Proto-Indo-European using a role-playing video game. Presenters will discuss issues in teaching less-commonly-taught ancient languages and reconstructed languages, and how to reach a wider audience with more accessible means of teaching.


Innovative Use of Technology

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