Possible Ketorolac-Induced Bronchospasm In Obese Patient With Undiagnosed Asthma

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Medically Challenging Case Report Poster 


Neel Patel  
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


Danielle Levin  
St. Elizabeth's Medical Center
James Tse  
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


A 58 y/o obese female (BMI 47 kg/m2) who denied asthma, recent URI and OSA presented for hysteroscopy. GA induction/video-laryngoscopy intubation was smooth with nasal pressure-control ventilation. She maintained 100%SpO2 under sevoflurane/50% N2O. Upon emerging, 30mg ketorolac was given. She became agitated 15-20 mins later and desaturated to 70-80% with moderate wheezing. It was resolved with albuterol inhalation (3 puffsx4) and 2% lidocaine spray (3ccx2) via endotracheal tube. Her SpO2 increased to 98%. She was extubated without further problem. Her spouse admitted that she had recent URI and 3-pillow orthopnea. Pulmonology consult revealed negative chest X-ray and ABG, and suggested discharge home and follow-up for adult-onset-asthma.

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Other - Airway Management

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   ·Monitor showing stable hemodynamics during hysteroscopy/D&C.
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   ·Ketorolac (30 mg) was given at 1310.
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   ·She developed bronchospasm and desaturated 15-20 mins following administration of ketorolac.

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