Toddler Mask Over Stoma Provided CPAP Ventilation During Bronchial FB Retrieval

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Medically Challenging Case Report Poster 


Katerina Rondel  
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


Ushma Thomas  
Rutgers - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
James Tse  
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


A 66 y/o male, former smoker, with COPD, supraglottic cancer s/p chemo/radiation, and tracheal stenosis s/p tracheostomy/PEG presented with hemoptysis and foreign body (hair pin) in right mainstem bronchus. Tracheostomy tube was removed to retrieve FB through stoma. A toddler mask was secured over stoma with elastic head-straps and was connected to a FOB swivel adapter and a breathing circuit/anesthesia machine. APL valve was adjusted to deliver 3cm H2O CPAP with 4LO2/min. Deep sedation was titrated with lidocaine/propofol. Once FB was retrieved into the mask and removed, the mask was re-secured over the stoma to maintain CPAP oxygenation. He tolerated the difficult FB retrieval well and maintained spontaneous ventilation and 99-100% SpO2.

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OR Management/Administration

Supporting Image: 2019PGATrachFBF1.jpg
   ·A toddler mask assembly for FOB over a tracheostoma
Supporting Image: 2019PGATrachFBF2.jpg
   ·An inverted hair pin in the right mainstem bronchus
Supporting Image: 2019PGATrachFBF3.jpg
   ·Difficult foreign body retrieval

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2. IARS AM: MCC1080, 2015