Thoracotomy Of A Giant Right Upper Lobe Lung Mass Lost To Follow-Up

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Medically Challenging Case Report Poster 


Nancy Lee  
Montefiore Medical Center


Andrey Apinis  
Montefiore Medical Center


58 yo M, former smoker with 2.5 pack-year Hx, presented with rhinorrhea, sneezing, and sore throat. He had known right upper lobe lung mass previously biopsied. On new imaging, the mass was seen displacing the trachea and the patient underwent a right thoracotomy. A thoracic epidural, arterial line, and large bore peripheral IV's were placed intra-operatively. Patient was intubated with a 37Fr double lumen tube but due to inability to ventilate the left lung, it was replaced with an 8.0 ETT with bronchial blocker. The bronchial blocker cuff was later nicked in the surgical field, and had to be replaced. Intraoperative course was significant for 3L estimated blood loss. He was resuscitated with fluids and started on a phenylephrine infusion.
Supporting Image: thymoma.jpg
   ·Pre-Operative Chest X-Ray
Supporting Image: thymomapostop.jpg
   ·Post-Operative Chest X-Ray

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