Diagnosis And Management Of Joint Hypermobility Syndrome In Chronic Pain Setting

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Medically Challenging Case Report Poster 


Vanessa Ng  
Weill Cornell Medicine New York Presbyterian


Neel Mehta  
New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center


This case describes a 33 year old female with long term migraines and gastric reflux disease who presents to the chronic pain clinic with one year of worsening left hip pain. Patient's rheumatologist initially recommended sacroiliac joint injections. Extensive history taking revealed associated symptoms of heart rate variability, mitral valve prolapse, childhood hernias, and frequent joint dislocation. Physical exam notable for smooth, hyperextensible skin, positive Beighton Score, piezogenic papules and focal muscle tenderness. Constellation of symptoms concerning for joint hypermobility syndrome. Patient started on low dose naltrexone. This case report describes the clinical findings, diagnostic criteria and ongoing pain management of this patient with hypermobility syndrome.

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Pain Management

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