On the feasibility of using single-shot perfusion labeling (SSPL) at 7 Tesla for laminar fMRI

13/08/2020: 15:05  - 15:50 
Room: Thursday Parallel 4 
Blood oxygen-level dependent (BOLD) functional MRI (fMRI) based on gradient-echo EPI is the most commonly used fMRI method due to its high sensitivity and robustness. However, large vein contribution negatively affects spatial localization of BOLD activation, of crucial importance for laminar and other high-resolution fMRI applications. Perfusion and blood volume-based methods have been shown to increase spatial accuracy of activation maps. Here we demonstrate feasibility of single-shot perfusion labeling (SSPL) fMRI at up to 1 mm3 resolution, a reference-less perfusion fMRI method twice as efficient as FAIR in which background signal is suppressed, improving temporal stability.

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Jacco de Zwart, Peter van Gelderen, Jeff Duyn 

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National Institutes of Health, National Institutes of Health, National Institutes of Health 


Jacco de Zwart, National Institutes of Health