Mapping directional functional connectivity across brain-wide networks with layer-specific CBV-fMRI

13/08/2020: 15:05  - 15:50 
Room: Thursday Parallel 4 
With recent advances in ultra-high-field MRI hardware and sequence mechanisms, it has become possible to measure CBV-weighted fMRI signal across cortical layers. While initial proof-of-principle layer-fMRI studies in primary brain areas with conventional fMRI task designs are promising, layer-fMRI has not yet realized its full potential to map layer-dependent functional connectivity across large-scale brain networks. In this study, we investigate the applicability of CBV-weighted layer-fMRI to assess functional connectivity during resting-state and naturalistic tasks. We can map common resting-state networks and characterize their internal layer-dependent signatures with respect to directionality and cortical hierarchy.

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Laurentius Huber, Emily Finn, Sean Marrett, Sriranga Kashyap, Arman Khojandi, Rainer Goebel, Peter Bandettini, Benedikt Poser 

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Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, NIMH, NIMH, Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, NIMH, Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, NIMH, Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience 


Renzo Huber, MBIC, Uni Maastricht