2019 Research Address: The Dos & Don'ts of Writing Instruction

Sat, Oct 12, 2019: 3:00 PM  - 4:30 PM 
Research Address  
New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center 
Room: 393 
Capacity: 144 
This session, featuring keynote speaker Steve Graham, Arizona State University, and cochaired by Douglas Fisher, San Diego State University, Diane Lapp, San Diego State University, and David Kirkland, New York University, will explore effective modeling of writing practices tailored to genre, style, and context. The address will be followed by roundtable discussions facilitated by experts in specific aspects of writing pedagogy research. Kirkland will close by reflecting on the reading–writing connection and detailing next steps.

Writing is a critical literacy skill, yet one often accorded too small a focus in literacy pedagogy. In fact, research establishes that reading and writing are two skills that are mutually supportive and ideally should be developed in tandem. There are different genres and styles of writing, as well as different media in which writing occurs. Effective writing instruction builds student drafting skills by modeling discrete practices including planning, revising, editing, and giving and sharing feedback, tailored in each instance to the genre and style requirements of the contexts in which writing is undertaken. This program will offer research-based guidance on the do's and don'ts of writing instruction, as well as small group discussion of instructional strategies from separate grade band and issue perspectives.


Steve Graham, Arizona State University Teachers College
Douglas Fisher, San Diego State University
Diane Lapp, San Diego State University
David Kirkland, New York University


Dr. Sharon O'Neal, Texas State University
Brian Kissel, Vanderbilt University, Peabody College
Kristen Campbell Wilcox, University of Albany, State University of New York
Danling Fu, University of Florida
Thomas DeVere Wolsey, IAIE
Karen Harris, Arizona State University
R. Malatesha Joshi, Texas A&M University
Dr. Zoi A. Traga Philippakos, University of Tennessee
Margarita Gomez, Loyola University
Dr. Kausalai Wijekumar, Texas A&M University
Dr. Troy Hicks, Central Michigan University
Dr Marva J Solomon, Angelo State University
Jennifer Serravallo, Heinemann
Sharlene Kiuhara, University of Utah


Differentiated Instruction
Digital Literacies
Policy and Advocacy
Teacher Education
Writing, Composition


Literacy Policy, Advocacy, and Research

Intended Audience

Beginning Teachers
Classroom Teachers
Reading Teachers/Specialists/Coaches
Teacher Educators
Undergraduate or graduate students


#1-Emergent Writing Instruction, Sharon O'Neal

#2- Elementary Writing Instruction, Brian Kissel

#3-Middle & Secondary Writing Instruction, Kristen Campbell Wilcox

#4-Scaffolding for ELs, Danling Fu

#5-Preparing Writers for the Workplace, T. DeVere Wolsey

#6-Self-Regulation, Karen Harris

#7-Spelling While Writing, Malatesha Joshi

#8-Motivating Writers, Zoi Philippakos

#9-Writing Assessment, Margarita Gomez

#10-Technology: No Replacement for the Teacher, Kay Wijekumar

#11-Digital Writing, Troy Hicks

#12-Preparing Culturally Responsive Writing Teachers, Marva Solomon

#13-Writing and Reading Connections Across the Disciplines, Jennifer Serravallo

#14-Inclusive Writing Instruction, Sharlene Kiuhara