A6: Managing Occupational Exposures to Infectious Agents

Linh Phan, MS Moderator
School of Public Health University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago , IL 
Karen Michael, MPH, PhD Presenter
Veritox, Inc.
Redmond , WA 
United States of America
Rachael Jones Co-Presenter
University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago , IL 
Mon, 5/21: 10:00 AM  - 11:00 AM 
Education Session 
Pennsylvania Convention Center 
Room: Room 108A 


Management of occupational exposures to infectious agents is challenging, since many of the metrics and tools used to manage chemical exposures are not available. For example, there are no occupational exposure limits for infectious agents. The Infectious Diseases Standard under development by OSHA will require employers to manage the risk of occupationally-acquired infections. Participants in this session will be introduced to strategies currently used to assess exposures to infectious agents, intervention opportunities along the transmission route, and infection risk. The definition of disease transmission routes and their implications for occupational health will be described.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this presentation, attendees should be able to:

• Evaluate infectious agent exposure data.
• Perform hazard identifications of infectious agents.
• Identify opportunities to interrupt the disease transmission.
• Demonstrate tools and frameworks for infectious disease risk assessment. 

Learning Level(s)



Biosafety and Environmental Microbiology
Risk Assessment and Management