THC, K2 & You: Responding to Synthetic Based Clandestine Labs

Sat, 6/15: 2:15 PM  - 3:45 PM 
Room: Holiday Ballroom 4 
THC Extraction Lab section will be taught with actual case studies (statistics, incident summary, photographs) a section of emphasizes will be placed on air monitoring for butane gas, discussion of testing, product identification and rendering safe the production process. Students will see and handle interactive metering equipment. Cannabinoids Production With K2 outbreaks students will learn the manufacturing and over 155 types of synthetics on the street. BLS and ALS medical protocols will be discussed. Synthetic Opioid Production With the fentanyl scare of 2018, this segment will cover opioids, cutting of heroin, and pill mill labs. Students will operate a pill press in class (Powdered Sugar) and do Evidence Collection and photography.

Learning Objectives

1. The participant will obtain knowledge of all current synthetic clandestine labs trends and statistics, be able to identify and analyze the lab type, gather proper PPE, assist in product identification, Air Monitoring and evidence collection in a hazardous materials environment.
2. The participant will be able to distinguish the difference in various types of synthetics to include synthetic opioids, and synthetic cannabinoids in addition to over 155 other identified synthetic products on the street. The participant will be able to describe in detail the process of handling opioids to include fentanyl/analogs.
3. The participant will learn current trends, statistics, and drug trafficking movements along the east coast to include current market prices, cutting of opioids, and have a basic understanding of synthetic opioids in pill form. Students will be able to describe and demonstrate the cutting process and operate a pill press safely.  


Michael Shedd, City of Spartanburg