Shoot, Move, Communicate, Survive: Hazmat Leadership, Strategy and Tactics

Sat, 6/15: 12:30 PM  - 2:00 PM 
Room: Johnson B 


While it's hard to pinpoint exactly where the origins of this well known infantry skill came from, it is used by all branches of service that have placed "boots on the ground" in any theater. So what can we learn from our military counterparts that pertains to Hazmat leadership, strategy and tactics? A lot, actually.

Although the background of Shoot, Move, Communicate, Survive comes from a military perspective, the lessons learned from these principles can span all organizations (Hazmat included). These lessons are not limited to combat, however. Rather they are practiced in one form or another, every day.

Learning Objectives

Participants will achieve a better knowledge and understanding of HazMat leadership, strategy and tactics as learned from the perspective of today's modern military.


Joshua Fowler, Beaumont Fire/Rescue