Special 50th Anniversary Session: New Ideas from Junior Scholars

Sat, 5/31: 10:15 AM  - 12:00 PM 
Plenary Session 
Saturday Session 2 
Hilton Minneapolis 
Room: Conrad A 
What is the future of socio-legal studies, what new possibilities exit, and what innovations should the Law and Society Association consider as it enters the 2nd Half-Century? We invited junior scholars around the world with new and innovative ideas to submit them to the LSA Project on the 2nd Half Century. The six winning authors will present ideas for ways to expand LSA's international role, employ new technologies, build more and better networks, help scholars in Africa, provide enhanced support forall junior scholars, explore emerging transnational issues, encourage policy-oriented research, facilitate comparative studies, confront big data.



Louise Trubek, University of Wisconsin  - Contact Me


Angela Duger, FXB Center for Health and Human Rights, Harvard School of Public Health  - Contact Me
Ayako Hirata, the University of Tokyo  - Contact Me
Karen Levy, Princeton University  - Contact Me
Mark Fathi Massoud, University of California, Santa Cruz  - Contact Me
Udi Sommer, Tel Aviv University  - Contact Me
Tara Weinberg, Centre for Law & Society, University of Cape Town  - Contact Me

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