Special 50th Anniversary Roundtable: Crisis? What Crisis in Socio-Legal Education? Exploring Developments at the Undergraduate, Graduate and Law School Levels

Fri, 5/30: 2:45 PM  - 4:30 PM 
Plenary Session 
Friday Session 4 
Hilton Minneapolis 
Room: Conrad A 
To play on Mark Twain's phraseology, reports of the death-or illness-in socio-legal studies have been greatly exaggerated. This roundtable considers the contemporary assessment of teaching law and society in an era of contracting resources in higher education generally, the multi-year running drop in applicants to U.S. law schools, and widespread calls to shift the metrics of productivity and success in the educational context more broadly. Themes to be explored include rethinking approaches to inter-disciplinary collaboration and teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, teasing out trans-national exchanges in the context of law school LLM programs in the U.S., and thinking about how law is both bounded and porous in the university context (certainly not contained by law schools nor isolated from them).
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