FS019 Boston from the Charles River

Fri, 11/15: 12:30 PM  - 5:00 PM 
Field Session 
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center 
Room: 152 
PDH Credits:
Explore the sights of Boston and see how a genteel, early 20th-century Back Bay promenade-the nation's first metropolitan park system-has made way for three major universities, runners, skaters, bikers, and 100,000 cars a day. What has been lost and what should be kept?

Learning Objective

1) Understand the several, now almost invisible transformations of one of America's best-known rivers.
2) Evaluate the complexities of cityscapes that appear easily readable.
3) Recognize and appreciate the legitimacy of competing interests for public spaces.
4) Appreciate the constraints of public agencies with limited resources and how to work within these limits.