MON-D03 EPIC Design Excellence in Landscapes of Diplomacy and the Worldwide Public Realm

Harriet Boyce, ASLA
Philadelphia, PA 
Hallie Boyce, RLA, ASLA, is the Design Partner for the landscape architecture of the new U.S. Embassy in London, which includes the creation of a sustainable campus surrounding the embassy on the south bank of the Thames River. Hallie’s work involves the design of public and cultural landscapes which are beautiful, multi-functional and secure. She recently led with Partner Skip Graffam, OLIN and Weiss/Manfredi’s competition-winning design for the Sylvan Theater at the Washington Monument Grounds. Other recently completed projects include UC Berkeley’s California Memorial Stadium, Nationwide Children's Hospital Children's Garden and the Spirit of Women Park in Ohio.
Faye Harwell, FASLA
Rhodeside Harwell, Inc.
Alexandria, VA 
Faye Harwell, FASLA, a founding director of Rhodeside & Harwell, is a nationally recognized designer of built works throughout the United States and abroad. Earning over 30 awards for design of new and historic landscapes, including a 2012 award from the President’s Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, she is also known for leadership in sustainable design, with projects including embassies and Design Excellence guidelines for U.S. diplomatic facilities worldwide. She received her M.L.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. Current work includes the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Capitol Grounds, and the U.S. Embassy in Indonesia, featured in November 2012 Metropolis Magazine.
Alain deVergie, FASLA
U.S. Department of State
Haymarket, VA 
United States
Alain DeVergie, FASLA, administers landscape architectural and site design for the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operation (OBO). Overseeing the many landscape architecture firms working for the Department of State, he reviews and approves landscape architectural and site design for Embassy and Consulate projects, worldwide. He assembled a team of award-winning architects, landscape architects, and Diplomatic Security engineers to develop the new EPIC initiative, and was in full charge of that effort. As OBO’s senior landscape architect, Mr. deVergie is the landscape architectural team leader of the Bureau’s Design Excellence program, to be published in 2013.
Mon, 11/18: 3:30 PM  - 5:00 PM 
Education Session 
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center 
Room: 204 
PDH Credits: 1.5 
The State Department EPIC program for design excellence creates a new public realm overseas, reflecting America's optimism and openness. Case studies will demonstrate new design techniques, respect for the public overseas, and readily applicable design strategies that integrate function, aesthetics, security, and sustainable ecosystem design.

Learning Objective

1) Learn how the U.S. Department of State is using new standards of design excellence as a component of diplomacy.
2) Learn how the EPIC system can be used to design the public realm in diverse cultural, physical, and ecological environments.
3) Learn specific design strategies for diplomatic facilities that landscape architects can apply to other projects.
4) Learn about case studies focusing on the new U.S. Embassy in London. 


Education Credits


Primary Topic

International Design